Chicago by night

The damsel in distress

As they cruise through the night, the Bishop brothers enter the library of Chicago’s University only to find that there is a chamber there, hidden from mortal eyes. There for the first time they see evidence of arcana, a fact that excites and also frightens them.

A few days later they take a quest to help in a cross covenant transfer of Louise Flanagan. One of the members of the team was Gavin Raynolds. At the meeting point the coterie gets ambushed by lupines and are forced to flee without the forth member of the team, though they got to save Louise thus completing their quest.

As the four survivors of the last mission were the youngest Kindred in the Circle of the Crown Sheriff Maggie Archer decided to ask them a favor in dealing with a minor Masquerade problem. Impressed by their results she decides to award them with a Haven of their own and asked in return to be her assistants if ever the need arises in their neighborhood.



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